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Team Turtle: World Cup Predictions, FIFA Gamification & a Catspiracy!

Neil deGrasse Tyson Dr. Who Meme

My favorite time and space exploring doctor doesn’t need a screwdriver or police box to be awesome.

Big Head? He’s the Brazilian loggerhead turtle that is predicting FIFA Cup team winners before the games take place. He’s 1 for 1 now, eating a fish underneath a Brazilian flag instead of under a Croatian flag or soccer/football to represent a draw. Though, according to this article, the legendary footballer Pele believes Chile will take it all. I’m a hometown girl and will be rooting for the US of A during their games.

While there is no overall gamification strategy throughout the FIFA World Cup Brazil site, they do have a few corporate sponsored games with the possibility of winning physical prizes. The Castrol’s Predictor Challenge does use leagues/teams with leaderboard and points. The game also provides golden questions that are only available 24 hours before the game to encourage daily visits to the site.  How would you have gamified the World Cup website to make engagement better?

While FIFA players are going to fight it out like cats and dogs, back home at the “GSummit” (G for gamification), Neil deGrasse Tyson in his keynote speech suggests that we all have something to teach at the end of the day. If anyone else headed to GSummit, please drop us a line here and share your thoughts.  We are made of star-stuff/star-dust and the universe wants to kill you. Change your perspective because 1/3 of galaxies rotate counter-clockwise. Guess what- he knows where Krypton is! Cat memes have messages? There are probably as many science memes as cat memes. Okay, wait a minute! While blogging at BBWorld13 last year, keynote speaker Clay Shirky highlighted cat memes and now Neil deGrasse Tyson brings them up. This sounds like a “catspiracy”.  Why not turtle memes? The turtles and tortoises of the universe are revolting.

Big Head approves this message.