About Tech2Games

Tech2Games is a blog dedicated to all things related to Gamification. Gamification is a buzz word that sizzles with potential, encompassing more than just badges, points and leader boards.  Gamification uses game elements such as those just mentioned to alter behavior and is often used in the marketing field.  Here we will explore news, trends, research and anecdotal stories reflecting on gamification, especially with its application in the education field.  This blog will be of interest to those creating instructional materials online or in a hybrid setting thinking about using a gamified approach to learning, or those who want to know more about the Gamification concept in general.

This blog was created for a Florida State University “Social Media Management” (LIS5385) course, in pursuit of an Online Instructional Development certificate.  Tech2Games is curated by a professional instructional designer and casual gamer- the edtechnessa (contessa of all things ed-tech), who believes learning should be fun and Gamification is just one tool to accomplish that goal.

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