7 Tips for good Gamification Design — Gamification Nation

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My 7 tips for good gamification design in under 7 minutes… http://t.co/hJV47JlnWD

Sky V. King‘s insight:

Great video (with a lovely accent)- take a gander!  7 top tips to help you design a successful gamification design… What do you think is the most important?

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  1. I like the way you explained your tips for good gamification design and how you emphasized the importance of generating interest from the other party in your product. However, I would like to know what advice you might give for using gamification to possibly grab the attention of new clientele or a party who might not have too much initial interest in your product, what would you suggest?

    • I agree with you comment about the tips and I think a way to answer the question you pose is,by giving the people of interest something they want. Like when it comes to education with gamification being added you can show study’s of kids in regular classes compared to kids in gamified classes. When it comes to other situation I would also like to see what they do, but I think it will all come down to research which means trail and error will come into play.

  2. Is the Amazon Vine program an example of Gamification? Offering the top product reviewers free products to review? I heard the even products with bad reviews sell better than products with no reviews.

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