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TechHive The White House cares about games, but not for the reasons you think TechHive Mark DeLoura, the White House’s Senior Advisor for Digital Media, expounded on the government’s games policies at the Gamesbeat 2013 conference Tuesday, focusing…

Sky V. King‘s insight:

The White House thinks that video games get a bad rap, much like writing did in the past and wants to see what can be done to change perception on the issue.  What do you think- do violent video games cause violent behaviors in children?

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  1. I think it depends on the child’s upbringing and surroundings. Also what the is explained to child while they are playing. There are many obstacles that come into play when determining if the games are the ones truly affecting the child’s behavior. But yes, I think that games do play a role in the child’s behavior. Children react on what they see and hear. Depending on how the severity of the game, depends on the child’s behavior. If they see the game fighting and cursing they may begin to pick up that habit. I do not think that the game can influence children to shot and kill people. There is more influence then just the game if it was that extreme! That issue should also be brought on by the parents.

    • I agree with you Kristie, I think many factors need to be considered in a child’s life before blaming all the violence on video games. Although I don’t agree that video games have the power to completely turn a person violent, I do think they have some kind of effect. We’d like to think we are all independent and not influenced by society in anyway but sadly this is false. “Society” is us. We turned it into what we reflect and it’s very much a part of us all. My point here is that we are daily influenced by what we see, the music we listen to, the shows we watch, and the games we play. If a child is exposed to violence through a video game they are likely to pick up some habits. A child is a sponge, they pick up what is being feed to them.

  2. I agree with Kristie North a child’s upbringing plays a factor into their aggressive behavior more than a video game will. If a child grows up with an abusive parent against the other and is never told by either parent or someone else that its wrong they can display that behavior later on as an adult. Many times aggression is relieved in video games but the extent of the violence can vary from child to child. On CSI Miami a group of teens turned a video game into a real life video game. They played each level in “real” life to a “T” and when caught they said it was just a game. But that excuse doesn’t erase what has been done.

  3. Bringing up CSI was a very good real life example that I did not think of. Jamie West is absolutely right about the extent of violence varies from child to child. Unfortunately not every parent catches the signs of violent behavior or passes it off as just a phase. That is where we have problems with shootings in an elementary school.

  4. I understand what you are saying Jessica. Children are exactly like sponges. I understand that children mimic what they see and hear in everything they are surrounded by. My point here is that the violent games are tailored to a certain age group “M” for Mature. The age that children are “sponges” is not the same age as those who are considered mature. So, I think that the excuse that children are like sponges is not a valid reason for mimicking violent behaviors they see on games. That is unless parents are letting their toddlers watch and play violent games that are more geared to “M” for Mature gamers.

  5. A lot of parents just let their children play and watch whatever they want. What’s worse is they buy it for them because they ask or places convince them that its the most popular or what have you.

  6. I believe that statement is true. If a child is brought up in a bad home, for example, and also plays violent games like call of duty then it would result in a violent behavior in a child. If you add two negatives together you will not get a positive from it and that’s why games usually comes with ratings, such as M for mature, to prevent younger children from becoming violent and parents should not buy these young children the games even if they do beg for them. I believe there is an exception, if you are old enough you should be conscious enough to know that what you do in a video game should not be done in reall life.

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