Top 3 “Fun” Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit for the Zombie Invasion

Congratulations, by clicking on this post you’ve burned approximately 1.42 calories!  Not many love exercising- it is what it is.  Most of us don’t have super active jobs anymore so we need to exercise in order to maintain our health and fitness, or improve it.  I won’t harp on the exponentially rising obesity rates in the United States, because we ain’t got time for that. Games are a great way to motivate us to get on the exercise ball!  The combination of video games and exercise, termed as “exergaming” has steadily been on the rise since Nintendo Wii’s inception. Let’s move on, or just start moving!

3. Nexercise

Here’s a basic gamified approach to exercise that awards badges, points and also uses leader boards (BPL).  You can also win rewards: swag, ie free stuff and discounts to merchandise/services.  Share your results easily with friends to add to the  competition game element.  What’s so great about this app?  If you are competitive and a high achiever, this app will get your started on your fitness journey.  However, there is no storyline in Nexercise and no direct engagement while you are exercising.  This app is more akin to a activity monitor with perks!

2. Fit Freeway

Screenshot of Fit Freeway app during play

Lose weight and get fit playing video games. Really! The key is finding exercise you enjoy – that’s Fit Freeway.

This app will get you racing to use the elliptical or stationary bike!  Fit Freeway is an old-style arcade car racing game.  Available for iOS devices, it uses the iPhone/iPad accelerometer to track your activity while you use the front facing camera to steer your speeding car.  Seeing as you need to hold the phone in front of your face for this app to work properly, you’re going to lose some intensity while running/jogging.  However, the faster or more intense your activity- the faster your car goes!

What’s great about this app?  This is fun and sometimes that is all you need.  The fun factor provides a distraction from gym boredom of staring at the wall or the TV.  However, a review stated the vibration detection to determine the car’s acceleration wasn’t spot on.  Fit Freeway might be left in the dust compared to the next top “fun” fitness app listed below.

1. Zombie Run

Zombie Run 2 logo

Get Fit. Escape Zombies. Become a Hero.

Download either Zombie Run ($3.99) available for iOS or Android.  Zombies are big now, much like most of our waistlines. The premise is you are not undead, but the undead are chasing after you.  While you run, you pick up ammunition and medical supplies that you need for your home base.  You create your own music playlist and in between song tracks voice recordings or radio announcements are made updating you to your storyline.  After your run/jog, you use supplies to build up your home base.

What’s great about this app?  Run or die. The future of humans is depending on you; it’s a race for survival.  It’s a severe thought, but a motivating one if you role play in this situation.  In addition, this game has a creation component that allows you to create a virtual living environment as you are responsible of the success and viability of the home base/township.  Psychologically speaking, this type of activity gives an user a sense of control and accomplishment.  This game has 33 free missions (more if you pay for them) to allow you to level up as you play. In addition, this app easily allows you to share your workout logs with others via social media, like Facebook and Twitter.  Stay alive and go get your game on!


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  1. Thanks for the link- hmmm, I might have to try FitFreeway in my challenge (30 fitness apps in 30 days). It’s also worth checking out Prime Mover (you type in how moves you do in 30 seconds – only if you do enough can you unlock the other workouts) and Fitocracy – score points for each workout you do

  2. Wow, these apps are really amazing! As the popularity of technology has risen, children are found to use more video games rather than participating in a physical activity. The competitive and stimulating nature of video games is what entices kids to play them, which is what makes these apps so effective. These apps incorporate exercise in a game-like setting, making it appealing to play. I think with more apps like these, technology can help to promote physical activity in children and adults rather than hinder it.

  3. You choose some very good apps to display. I think that most of these apps are useful. I particularly like the motion sensor nexcersise, I have an android so it dose not work, but they have similar alternatives. I find the way zombie run 2 uses to advertise itself a bit unethical. but in reality there are not doing anything wrong, they actually engage the user to try better and post their results on their social media accounts. this boosts the apps visibility skyrocket into the sky. That type of app has very high customer retentions rates also because they have very high engagement and visibility that people tend to be “addicted” to game for longer. Online it is very important to have your visitor stay as long as possible. remember there are no bad house guests when they are spending time on your website.

    • Lapo,

      One of the things that Candy Crush and Zombie Run doing very well is that even though you doing basically the same activity/activity loop for each level or mission, they offer new challenges to continue to engage the player. Farmville introduces seasonal items and Sims uses quests for premium items only available for a limited time. This is one element required for successful game design or a gamified lesson- something to continue to engage the players over a period of time after the novelty of game play wanes. Thanks for dropping by with your comments!

  4. OMG. I love this post. I knew about apps that counted the calories that you lose while doing exercise and your heart rate etc, but I didn’t know about these apps. It doesn’t matter if it works perfectly I am just impressed with the fact that not only games promote games that keep you standing still, but apps that interact with you while you are doing exercise and you are part of a game is incredibly amusing, or at least for me. I think this idea of engaging players by being part of a game while making exercise is a great way, just like you said in the post, of eliminating the boredom of the gym and the time that never passes; I often find myself bored and stopping my workout because the music I’m listening is always the same or I’m just tired of watching the wall or reading the close captions on TV.
    I would definitely try at least one of these apps. Thank you!

  5. What a great post! I am a workout freak so I never really had the problem of finding motivation to get fit. However, one area that I do dread is cardio. Running and biking on stationary machines or even outside never excites me. The zombie run app sounds awesome! Definitely what I would need to get that motivation and to distract me long enough to actually get a solid cardio workout in. I have used those stationary bikes with the virtual course before and found those interesting, but the zombie app sounds even better!

  6. I love this post, great sense of humor. Your post provides all the info necessary to really find out how these apps work. The comparison you make between each product it’s done perfectly and a great way to market all of this apps. We are getting quite creative! Zombies running after us? loosing weight? I don’t think any of us back in the early 2000 thought of something like it. It’s awesome lol. Out of the three apps, I have to say Nexercise and the zombie one caught my attention. I Love working out and my friends do too. I will share it with my friends, I’m sure they will purchase one of the three apps. I’m thinking about Nexercise for me.

  7. This post is awesome. What a great new way to exercise! I myself would try zombie run, it keeps you the most motivated! You run or die. The idea of combining gaming and exercising is brilliant in this day in age. It would be a great marketing tool for companies to create apps that are not only relevant to modern pop culture, but also serve as an interesting way to get people to buy their products. Like in your post, health and fitness are popular trends today and combining it with popular gaming trends is a great way to attract younger audiences to buy your products and to serve society by promoting better health.

  8. Roberto Gavilanes

    These are really cool apps, I had no idea that they even existed! What a fun way to exercise and play games at the game time. I think the zombie run app would be a lot of fun for cardio, more apps should be created like this to not only motivate people to start exercising but to also show kids that exercising can be fun. They should figure out a way to link the apps to other users and make it multi-player where one person can be the zombie and one can be the human trying to escape. these type of applications will teach the user how to use their time more efficiently because instead of sitting on the couch and playing a video game and wasting their time, they can just go on one of these applications and exercise.

  9. On this edge the use of smart phones and tablets have found their place in our every day’s tasks, making them easier or entertaining. This includes exercising, as a motivation for most of us who live in a tight schedule, where physical tasks are not as imperative as other areas we need motivation to make time to go to the GYM or practice a sport. A group of programmers have come up with ingenious ideas to make apps that reward us and distract us while exercising. This also connects us to the social media thus motivating us to workout more.

  10. This is such a great post. I know many people that are practically attached to their game screens and could benefit from a little exercise while they play. Merging exercise with video games is a great way to get people who are addicted to video games to do at least a little exercise. I read in another blog that playing video games can release endorphins in the brain and make the player feel good. Achieving this good feeling while also being active seems to be the challenge of our generation which finds its entertainment in front of a screen. Thanks so much!

  11. These interactive exercising apps, in theory, are a great idea. Many potential health benefits, if applied correctly. I love the idea for kids and teens. In today’s society, children are suppose to get 60 minutes of exercise but they are not nearly getting enough. 1/3 of children in the USA are overweight. This is a great way to get them moving while keeping their mind off “exercising” and more on having fun.
    But what about adults? Are the typical gamers going to invest their time and energy on apps like these? Do these apps fit into their lifestyles? I don’t really think so.

  12. This post is really interesting. I used to be very lazy when it came to exercising mainly because I was always slim and fit but it does mean that I do not need to keep in good health. The main reason I did not exercise was because it is boring and repetitive, but after reading this blog I see that games can really make a difference if regular exercise is not your thing. I eventually forced myself to go work out in a regular gym; had I known the gaming option was a good alternative I may have changed my way of exercising.

  13. I think games that promote exercise are great for gamers since it helps keep users active while having fun. I have also never heard of Nexercise, and after watching the short clip, I may download it to see how it works and test it out. Offering rewards and grand prizes are great ways to motivate users, but it probably only works for the people who are competitive. I have to agree with the comment made in the blog post about Fit Freeway being left in the dust, because I find it to be unrealistic by using the front facing camera. In my opinion, the only way to exercise while doing this is walking and even then you may trip if you are not paying attention. I like the idea of the Zombie Run better than Fit Freeway because you need to run in order to progress in the game and you do not need to use the camera to do so. I do not think I will be downloading the Zombie Run anytime soon since I am not a fan of zombies, but it does have potential since zombies have become more popular in the market.

  14. Natalie M. Lopez-Rivera

    Thank you for posting this! Personally, I love all things horror and gore and the Zombie App that you posted about is absolutely perfect. I think it is great that mobile devices have the ability of making something that is actually good for us, like exercise, fun. This shows how our society has evolved and how everything is moving mobile. I like the fact that with these apps you can share your results on social media, which is vital for the success of the app. The more people that download it the more it grows. Word of mouth and social media strength will get that done. The Zombie Run seems the most fun out of these three. Your article actually makes me want to get off the couch and go for a run.

  15. Any thing that promotes exercising in this past pass society is gray. I find it very useful and persuasive. I love how you include the video it is always good to get a break from reading. You peak very relevant apps, especially the Zombi one. Zombies and bumpers are are creating a lot of Buzz, which also works well with SCO. I also like how you highlight key words and play with them, it makes reading playful.

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